Art and Science Explorations

**Part of our Summer Enrichment Programs**   For more information contact -JUDY BOYCE, Summer Program Director at 225-931-8175

Exploring Waves: The Science of Surface Water Waves

Exploring Waves Instruction Video

Waves Art Instruction Video

Exploring Waves Plans and Materials

Waves Art Plans and Materials

  • Wave Lesson Plan PDF
  • Artmaking PDF
  • How to draw Different Waves
  • Practice Drawing Waves Blank
  • Practice Drawing Waves Step 1
  • Sample Wave Artwork

Tricks Your Eyes Play on Your Brain

Optical Illusions Instruction Video

Sunset and Pointillism Art Instruction Video

Optical Illusions Plans and Materials

Sunset and Pointillism Art Plans and Materials

  • Sunset Pointillism PDF
  • Artmaking Steps PDF
  • Blending Steps PDF
  • Marker Blending Steps PDF
  • Other Maker Samples PDF
  • Pointillism Artwork PDF
  • Sunset Sample Artwork PDF

Exploring Nets: Imaging Shapes that take up Space

Exploring Nets Instruction Video

Pen and Ink Art Instruction Video

Exploring Nets Plans and Materials

Pen and Ink Art Plans and Materials

  • Pen and Ink Lesson PDF
  • Artmaking Visual Steps PDF
  • Blank Value PDF
  • Pen and Ink Drawing Examples PDF
  • Technique Samples 1 JPG
  • Value 1 JPG
  • Value Scale Visual Steps PDF