I-10 Corridor Study

DOTD I-10 Corridor Study


I-10 Corridor Improvement Study Stage 0 Feasibility Study
SPN H.004100.1 Legacy Project No. 700-17-0209

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development and the I-10 Corridor Improvement Study Project Team will conduct a Public Meeting for proposed improvements to the I-10 Corridor in Baton Rouge, from Essen Lane to LA 415 in Port Allen, LA. The purpose of the meeting is to solicit public comment on the project.

This project is currently in the planning stage and a feasibility study is being prepared. All interested parties are invited and encouraged to attend. The Public Meeting is a reschedule of the meeting originally planned for February 23, 2016. The same information presented in the February 2016 public meetings in Baton Rouge will be offered this meeting. Below is the date, time, and location for the meeting.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016
6:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Addis Community Center
7520 Highway 1 South, Addis, LA 70710

The public meeting will be in a semi-open house format. A live presentation will be given at the beginning of the meeting, however members of the public may arrive at any time during the scheduled meeting time as a presentation including information relative to the general project and preliminary alternatives will play continuously throughout the meeting. An interactive exercise will be available where the public can submit their input.  Representatives of the DOTD and the consultant team will be present to answer any questions relative to the feasibility study.

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As traffic issues continue to rise along the I-10 corridor in the Baton Rouge area, DOTD has opted to re-open discussions within the community regarding finding appropriate solutions to those issues. The current study is the first step in determining the feasibility of any improvements to the area of I-10 between the Mississippi River Bridge and the 10/12 split. The state will work with community residents and merchants to create concepts for improving the corridor, with an open ear toward community ideas.

We encourage the public to visit the project's website www.i10br.com or email info@i10br.com for more information on the project, to submit comments, or to be added to the project-specific community database.

Downloadable PDF Version of the I-10 Corridor Project Study Fact Sheet

I-10 Corridor Improvement Project
State Project No. H.004100
Legacy State Project No. 700-17-0209
Federal Aid Project No. AC-NH-1710(510)

Study Fact Sheet

In the absence of an agreed-upon approach to addressing traffic issues and safety along I-10, the DOTD has opted to open the topic of I-10 improvements, with a goal to develop solutions that are based on community input in response to clearly defined traffic problems.

Status: Traffic data relative to the daily operation of the interstate system within the project area is being collected and analyzed. We intend to present the public with a valid current "snapshot" of traffic conditions during the first round of public meetings in order to provide them with the data they need to help formulate solutions. A database of prospective stakeholders is being compiled. This list will grow during the life of the project with more and more citizens informed of current efforts and future events.

Public Involvement: The state is undertaking this project with a heavy focus on recognizing and engaging the many varied stakeholders that have an interest in the corridor. Our team will work with these stakeholders to create concepts for improving the corridor, with an open mind for community ideas.


Public meetings are tentatively scheduled to occur in Fall 2015 and Spring 2016. In the interim, a public opinion survey will be deployed to collect opinions, observations, and usage reports.The survey is scheduled to be available this spring. The results are intended to further assure the project team that study efforts are aligned with public sentiments. A summary of the public opinion survey results will be provided at the public meetings.


Lead Agency: DOTD is leading this effort. The Federal Highway Administration is the lead federal agency.

Consultant Team: DOTD has commissioned the consulting firm of Providence Engineering and Environmental Group LLC (Providence) to lead the first step in determining the feasibility of any improvements. Providence has retained the services of sub consultants including Sigma Consulting Group, Inc. for engineering design, Urban Systems Associates, Inc. for traffic analysis, T.Y. Lin International Group for design assistance, Bowlby & Associates, Inc. for noise and air quality analysis, and Franklin Associates, LLC for government and media relations, and public involvement assistance.


Geographic Scope: I-10 from LA 415 (Lobdell Highway) in West Baton Rouge Parish to the Essen Lane Interchanges of I-10 and I-12 (just east of "the split").

The project area is divided into three segments:

A. LA 415 to the Mississippi River Bridge............................................ (The West Segment)
B. Mississippi River Bridge to Acadian Thruway................................. (The Middle Segment)
C. Acadian Thruway to "the split”......................................................... (The East Segment)
Investments: In the past several years, Louisiana has invested approximately $315 million in improvements to I-10 and I-12 in the Baton Rouge area, and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (DOTD) is committed to finding additional ways to make this corridor safer and more efficient for motorists, while seeking to improve the compatibility of I-10 with the communities through which it passes.


Project Intent: Traffic issues along I-10 through the core of Baton Rouge have been a topic of interest in the area for a number of years. Prior to and post-Hurricane Katrina, discussions regarding improvements to traffic conditions in the Baton Rouge area have not provided clear solutions with which the DOTD could move forward.

For more information please visit www.i10br.com



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