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Mosquito Abatement

Hello, welcome to the WBR Mosquito Abatement Program website. We hope to accomplish a few things on this site, first of all to give you the public a clear understanding of what we do, and also to provide some educational information on mosquitoes, their habitats, the diseases they carry, eliminating the threat around the home, protecting yourself and your family, and more. If you can not find the answer to your question on this site or if you need more information about a particular subject then please contact us at our office by dialing: 225-214-5900

George Bragg - Mosquito Control Superintendent

Michael Joseph - Mosquito Control Supervisor

W. Baton Rouge Parish
3147 Ted Denstel Rd.
Port Allen, LA 70767

Office Phone: 225-214-5900
Office Fax: 225-215-0040

Follow this link to see our spray zone map. The map is updated daily during spray season to indicate zones that have positive mosquito samples, zones that are scheduled for spraying, and zones that have already been sprayed.  


Frequently Asked Questions Questions? Concerns? Need answers? we try to address the most common ones here.
Is It Really a Mosquito Is it really a mosquito or a case of mistaken identity? Find out here.
Meet Your Villains See a brief description of the most common mosquitoes we deal with in WBR and information on the diseases they carry.
Mosquito 101 Step into the classroom! Here you will find many fun, informative, and important facts concerning mosquitoes and their relationship to mankind.
Mosquitoes Around the Home Did you know you could be hatching your own mosquitoes? Find out here.
Natural Mosquito Killers What natural predators do mosquitoes have? Are they efficient at controlling mosquito populations? Find out here.
Protecting Yourself and Your Family Hints and tips for protecting yourself and your family from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry.
What We Do This section provides details on the different procedures we use for the control of mosquitoes in WBR Parish.
Why Mosquitoes Are A Serious Threat Here we discuss in detail mosquito borne diseases, nuisance problems, and economic impact worldwide, nationally and here at home.


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