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West Baton Rouge Task Force (W.B.R.T.F.)

The West Baton Rouge Emergency Response Task Force (W.B.R.E.R.T.F.) was formed in 1992. This is a group of fourteen (14) industries and parish emergency response organizations that has banned together to unite forces and donate monies to help any emergency response agency in West Baton Rouge Parish. This has been a highly beneficial joint venture. Agencies like the Sheriff’s Office (Reserves, Posse, Flotilla and Emergency Response Team); law enforcement and fire departments in all municipalities; emergency preparedness and the 9-1-1 departments are all agencies that have received emergency equipment and training assistance from the Task Force. The Task Force has provided money to purchase equipment such as: Air Packs; generators; binoculars; lighting; ropes; fire extinguishers; first aid kits; radios; life jackets; hose ramps; confined space rescue equipment and a power blower, just to name a few. The W.B.R.E.R.T.F. is an A dual help organization. Industry purchases or supplies needed equipment. In turn, when there is a disaster within an industry facility, the emergency response departments come and help with manpower, fire departments, law enforcement and traffic control. The members of industry also make available any needed emergency response equipment from their respective facilities. Their only goal is to help the community in the field of emergency response for the protection of life and property in West Baton Rouge Parish. The meeting follow the PARISH LEPC meeting at noon.

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